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Fractal Wallet

Introducing a unique decentralized wallet for all your credentials, e.g. KYC data. It’s decentralized for your security and lives in a browser extension. You can choose to whom you disclose verified data about yourself, e.g. to initial (decentralized) exchange listing platforms.

It works like this

  • Sign-up with Fractal ID using this link.
  • Please go through all required steps receiving e.g. “ID Basic” KYC credential or else.
  • Now, you can issue this Fractal KYC credential to your decentralized Fractal Wallet using the Ethereum blockchain and a Decentralized Identity (DID) contract.
  • Then, you are able to have websites verify your claims in a frictionless and permissionless way.

Staking Program as Initial Promotion

Until June 23, we have set up a very attractive incentivization program called Fractal Staking. Earn up to 700% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) at the beginning and up to 40% on average over the time of the program on your staked tokens; we created a google spreadsheet to show you what you earn. Please find all updated infos here.

Here is how you access our staking program step by step:

  • After you set up your DID using Fractal ID, you need to install the Fractal Wallet as a simple browser extension (Chrome Web Store Link).
  • Please also make sure that you have your crypto wallet ready, e.g. MetaMask.
  • Access the staking panel by logging into Fractal ID:
  • Then, issue one or more of your credentials on Fractal Wallet. Each issued credential can separately participate in the Fractal Staking program.
  • Keep in mind: There is a maximum of 20,000 FCL and 1,000 Uniswap ETH/FCL V2 liquidity tokens per credential.
  • Generate super returns on your staked amount of tokens. The longer you join the program, the more returns you’ll get, but you can enter and exit any time.
  • Every interaction with the Ethereum blockchain bears fees, so we recommend checking Gas Tracker of Etherscan.
  • For utmost transparency, here’s our GitHub repository with the final smart contracts which were audited by Least Authority, and a link to the smart contracts security report here).

Fractal ID

Your whitelisting KYC solution

Built for scale and conversion optimization.
No compromises on quality serving the highest compliance needs.

Challenges we love to tackle


A bad onboarding experience is a conversion-killer. Up to 50% of potential users quit, frustrated with time-consuming processes and complex, confusing language, increasing customer acquisition cost sharply.


Fractal ID is built for conversion, beating industry averages by 40%. Happy users turn into happy, loyal customers generating revenues for you.


Building a compliant onboarding funnel is a real hassle. Regulation is complicated and keeps evolving constantly.


Fractal ID is built for true bank-level compliance - globally. Our in-house legal and compliance experts make sure our solutions can satisfy regulators everywhere.


Maintaining KYC/AML processes is expensive and time-consuming.Compliance teams tediously manage multiple vendors following fragmented onboarding processes, reconcile data from various sources and keep staff available for support.


Fractal integrates all KYC vendors and services necessary for comprehensive onboarding checks into one consistent process, manages end-user communication and let's you focus on your business.

Verifications for the highest compliance needs

Proof of Identity Verification

A natural person’s identity is verified through the use of an identification document. Fractal ID ensures its compliance to attest the person’s identity.

Proof of Address Verification

A person’s residential address is verified through the use of a document issued by an entity or authority containing the person’s name, residential address and an issuance date. Fractal ID will ensure its integrity and validity.

Liveness Check

It’s a set of images taken live during a person’s verification process. Its purpose is to distinguish live persons from presentation attacks such as photos, videos or masks. It also allows Fractal ID to ensure that the person is acting on their own behalf and will.

Wallet Address Collection

In order to facilitate the user’s interaction with some of their applications, Fractal ID provides a secure service for them to store their wallet address.

AML Check

Screening individuals and entities to make sure they are not part of any sanction lists, PEPs, banned or wanted lists, or having adverse media data.

Source of Wealth

Some applications require further insights to a person’s circumstances, e.g. a source of wealth verification. In this case, a person is verified via financial documents and/or statements shedding light on origin and current level of their wealth.

Flexible Reporting
that puts you in control

Dashboard containing all information about your funnel and user details in one place. Unified and consistent across all data sources - no more manual reconciliation of different formats and definitions. API and Webhooks for instant updates on verification status.

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Recommended setups suited to your needs

ID Basic

  • ID document verification
  • Liveness check
  • Face match
  • AML check
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Available add-ons:

  • Wallet collection

ID Plus

  • ID document verification
  • Liveness check
  • Face match
  • AML check
  • Proof of Address check
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Available add-ons:

  • Source of wealth check
  • Wallet collection

All plans include: Data Privacy (GDPR) Compliance, Data Storage and easy-access API, Dedicated Account Manager

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