Mainnet Launch
The Mainnet has just been launched. More info here →

Testnet Launch
Give-Away Program

Win 10k FCL

Just download and use the Fractal wallet to win

Scroll down for more details

Short Guide

Download & set up the Fractal Wallet 

Step 1/4

Download the Fractal Wallet

Open the Chrome Web Store and install the Browser Extension.
Download it now!

Step 2/4

Open the Fractal Wallet

Open the Fractal Wallet and create a password. Then, click on "Go to Fractal".

Step 3/4

Sign up at Fractal or Open Your Account

Sign up at Fractal and open your account. (You don't need a KYC for the give-away program!)

Step 4/4

Connect & Activate the Fractal Wallet

Go to the "Protocol" tab and "opt in" to generate your wallet address. This is the address with which you will receive the testnet FCL. Copy and save it!

Win 10k FCL
week in total

Use the wallet and win

Step 1/3

Use the Wallet

Activate the Data provisioning SDK to earn at least 20 testnet FCL per week.

Step 2/3

Copy your Wallet Address

Click on the "Protocol" tab and copy the Fractal Wallet address at the bottom

Step 3/3

Fill out this form

Paste your Fractal Wallet address, as well as your email into the typeform to get eligible for the lottery.
Get you reward here 🚀

Check here if you have won

Enter your Fractal Wallet address and let the system check if you have won.
Note that our lottery system "verilot" is open-source and therefore free and transparent for everybody to verify.