Mainnet Launch
The Mainnet has just been launched. More info here →

Fractal Protocol

Mainnet Launch

Fractal Protocol unlocks radical markets for data while preserving your privacy.

The Fractal ID Wallet

Browse the web while the Fractal ID Wallet is active.
Your data are kept private, secure and locally on your device.

Activating it unlocks Data Minting.

And earns you FCL every month.

500 FCL in Data Minting Rewards

From now on, owning your own data gets rewarded.
Earn up to 500 FCL in rewards per month.

Share the success with a friend, get 25 FCL

Invite a friend: you as well as your friend will get paid 25 FCL to your Fractal ID Wallet.

This works for every additional friend within a fair use policy.

Moreover, also the invited friend can share it with their friends to earn more FCL.

Please keep in mind: They must do this from a new browser or delete all hideous cookies.

The Fractal ID Wallet
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Fractal Protocol Mainnet Launch

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John Arts - Fractal Mainnet Launch Talks

John Arts - Fractal Mainnet Launch Talks